10 Cool Fashion Trends To Follow In 2020

10 Cool Fashion Trends To Follow In 2020

With the beginning of a whole new decade, a new fashion era is all set on the horizon to rise. The year 2020 has taken the meaning of fashion into a whole new level. From the nostalgia of ’90s to pulling off street wear, the designers have started to look into various forms of utilities to create their new designs, which includes fluid design, sustainability and more. This helps the year of 2020 to run smoothly in fashion. 

To know more, here’s a list of 10 cool fashion trends that you will love to follow in the year 2020.

  • Puff Sleeves

Rejoice the era of the 19th century with puff sleeve tops and dresses. Its oversized sleeves pull off the slimmer look and give a graceful touch to the whole attire. Recreate the vintage look in gentle colors during summers or reflect your inner princess in grey or black.

  • Bra Tops

Style your chic look with floral or minimalist bra tops. From printed to knit, these bras are the perfect mini tops you will love to show off in the town.

  • Footwear Straps Over Jeans

Make your look more classy by wrapping up the laces of your strappy heels or flats around your ankle of the jeans, slacks or pants. Give your look a refreshing style with a matching coat, off-shoulder blouse or jacket. 

  • Feminine Dresses with Chunky Soles

Pairing up the chunky shoes with your feminine dress is the new fashion mantra. Show off your girlish side with a cinched waist maxi dress of block colors and combat boots, and have fun with this elegant mix-match look.

  • Bucket Hats

Style your day in 2020 with a bucket hat. This colorful and trendy hat is a craze for all the fashion lovers out there. These hats are super versatile that gives you an impressive look in any of the seasons and you can carry it with everything, which will give you a fantastic look.

Cool Fashion Trends
  • Square-Toed Footwear

Are you ready to add a unique touch into your wardrobe? Then, get square-toed footwear. Complete your outfit with square-toed heels or boots which will not only add length to your legs but will make your look fresh and funky.

  • Bucket Bags

Make your day easy and stylish by adding a bucket bag into your look. These cute and colorful accessories can be matched up with the shade of your outfit. These round-shaped bags with long body provides excessive space for all your products to fit in. Style your day with these trendy bucket bags.

  • All-Rounder Shorts

Matching sets and short suits are the new go-to outfits for the year 2020. Not only these outfits have paved its way into everyone’s closet but also it is an excellent replacement to everybody’s favorite skirts. Pair your Bermuda shorts with chunky shoes or knee-high boots and flaunt your style as per the season.

  • Real/Faux Leather Boilersuits & Jumpsuits

The leather jumpsuit is a craze nowadays. This one rocking garment can make up for a whole outfit, you can style these edgy one-pieces in any event. Make a statement by wearing the perfect shade and complete your look with stunning sandals or boots and belt bag. 

  • Oversized Chain Neck pieces

The chain neck piece has always been the favorite accessory for every fashion lover. This season you can style your look with an oversized silver or gold neck piece. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing or where you’re going, this accessory compliment everything. You can rock your day either carrying it alone or with several other pieces of jewellery, everything can give you a perfect look.