Cashmere is Colombo’s raison d’etre – their meat and potatoes, their stock in trade. It’s just what they do, possibly better than anyone else in the industry. Giants like Hermes, Gucci, and more know this – which is why they look to Colombo to produce cashmere goods for their collections. We think the cashmere is fabulous too, and we get a real pleasure getting it direct from the source – as pricy as this gorgeous coat is (because let’s face it, perfection doesn’t come cheap), it’s about half the cost of the luxe French and Italian “branded” goods.

Check out the latest deliveries from Colombo in store for men and women, and see for yourself just how fabulous one of these pieces can be!

cashmere colombo coat

Colombo cashmere/silk long coat – $3380

cashmere colombo coat

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