Jean Paul Gaultier himself was spotted cavorting at the Life Ball in Vienna. The Life Ball, which takes place annually inside Vienna City Hall, is one of the biggest AIDS charity events in the world. The aim: to help affected people in an unconventional way and to fight against the taboo status of HIV/AIDS in our society.  Monsieur Gaultier was decked out in a tuxedo of his own creation, coordinated with one of his signature horizontally-striped sailor shirts.

As many of you know, Jean-Paul Gaultier has retired from his Ready-To-Wear business, which has not announced a replacement designer. Some of the Spring 2015 collection – possibly his last – is at Butch Blum in Seattle, with many of his signature colorful printed creations still available. Check these out while they’re still here, because they’re guaranteed not to last long.


Gaultier (right) with Mary J. Blige

JPG Aids Venice jpeg

Gaultier (left), Ellen von Unwurth (center, with tophat), and two models


JPG cavorting with a model (also wearing JPG clothing)

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