We love the diversity of the Cividini collection – they make a version of almost every garment a woman could want. That versatility extends to their handbags too; case in point, these two wildly different styles.

The miniature “bucket bag” is a clever, elegant bag that is big enough for daytime (obviously not if you’re hoarding magazines and umbrellas, but you get our point) and chic enough for night. The plastic and fabric chain is a modern take on a classic theme, and the chantilly lace and satin combination gives it excellent dimension.

The tote is, as mentioned before, the total antithesis and yet somehow not so terribly different. It’s crafted from Cividini’s signature knit fabrics, and trimmed with the same grosgrain ribbon featured in the handle of the other bag. It’s also got a surprise feature – the inside features contrasting colors and can be completely reversed! (You can see the interior colors in the banner at the top of the page).

Save over 60% on these two styles with today’s DEAL OF THE DAY prices – for the tote, take it from $615 to 239, and for the bucket bag, take it from $1095 to 429.

Cividini bucket bag lace leather

Cividini lace and leather bucket bag – WAS $1095, now $429

Cividini knit tote

Cividini knit tote with grosgrain trim – WAS $615, now $239

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