Founded by the charismatic artist and explorer Luigi Colombo in the 1960’s, Lanificio Colombo specializes in the rarest noble fibers like Yangir, Guanaco, Vicuña and baby Camel (as well as their exquisite ultrafine wool and cashmere fibers)from the farthest reaches of the earth. As a result, almost every major luxury house in the world uses Colombo’s exclusive fabrics in their collections.Colombo2 In the 1970’s, the company began its first Ready-To-Wear collection – an unusual feat at the time for a fabric mill. Today, their signature “Kate” jacket (and many other styles) are regarded as highly desirable collectables for the well-heeled around the world. 


BUTCH BLUM is proud to welcome special envoy Helen Zhikareva tomorrow (Friday, March 13) and Saturday (March 14) to personally assist our clients in selecting from Colombo’s iconic styles. Join us for cocktails on Friday, from 4pm to 6pm. RSVP to, or call us at 206-622-5760 for more information.


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