This season, Crossley delivered the best examples of casual luxury for women. Their knit sweatshirt dresses, oversize sweaters, quilted cotton coats and more exemplify a lifestyle that never sacrifices comfort – and never has to, to look chic.   From the Crossley website:

Crossley is experience and experimentation, a quality with no compromises. Thoughtful originality. The result is an exclusive collection achieved with precious and natural yarns such as pure cotton and cashmere. Lines are always smooth, often irregular and ideal for lapping up. The style has no repetitions and easily adapts to everyone’s life style.
Especially yours…Crossley design reflects the need of timless semplicity, by focusing on timeless simplicity, by focusing on a sensory approach, each piece speaks to the desire to be unique.
For Crossley, Italian excellence is the only acceptable standard. No imperfection is admitted: every detail is created to be part of a product of impeccable quality and proven originality. The creation process, which ends with the garment sketch and its production, most of the times takes its origin from the Experience and continuous research. A unique style that goes beyond appearance, Crossley restores the value of careful work, comfort and elegance are complimentary.
The creation develops in a 360-degree process. The paper pattern making is just the last step of the creative operation. Innovation and the almost obsessive search for materials is the base of Crossley’s DNA. Luca Gorini’s signature style is the accurate study and creation of unique yarns, used for fabrics that can be molded in order to realize garments with an original history, innovative while timeless.
The knowledge of raw materials and lifelong experience treating cashmere, pure cotton, linen, recycled denim… Crossley garments are luxurious yet comfortable, enjoyable for everyday life.

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