This girl would never break any serious codes, like etiquette or honor, but when it comes to dress code, she’s downright iconoclastic. She chose this horizontal striped topper from Rosso Puro because it’s made of cotton, and she knew it to be as versatile as it is beautiful ($575). Then, because people probably expected her to wear it over a white shirt and go to an office, she broke the rules and paired it with a sleeveless shell with appliqué roses from Peserico, available in both white and black ($285) and a Peserico taupe/ivory pant ($445) with a rose print, finished with a hematite pendant and gold fill chain necklace by Mima ($198). THEN she went to the office. Incidentally, Peserico translates as both “sophisticated” and “wanted by the police,” and certainly we have the sophisticated part covered (but if you happen to need a disguise, we can do that for you too).

Codebreaker 4:15

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