This guy would never break any serious codes, like etiquette or honor, but when it comes to the code of dress… he’s downright iconoclastic. He chose this five-colored plaid sport coat from LBM 1911 because it’s made of the softest wool, and he knew it to be as versatile as it is beautiful ($895). Then, because people probably expected him to wear it over a white shirt and go to an office, he paired it with a navy tweed shirt from Culturata ($225), a vibrant aztec print pocket square ($65), (a double buckle Tulliani belt ($125) a double buckle hand cobbled Santoni shoe ($630), you just can’t predict this guy!) and DL1961 cotton jeans($175) whose revolutionary DLX and dipro technologies create the code for this weathered dark denim. Then he went to the office assisted by his Graf & Läntz wool felt & leather carry on ($535).


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