It’s all 1s and 0s nowadays, isn’t it? Take this updated two-way zip block stripe bonded flannel topper, the Peserico craftspeople from Italy who for 50 years have been “riding the wave of revolution and evolution, interpreting the changing times” into contemporary styles that combine elegance, practicality and just enough flash ($1098).

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Anyway, wear your hot new popcorn stitched sleeve tweed wool jacket ($785), a cool new Mima necklace of pyrite, quartz & kyanite, ($299) and a stretch cashmere Inverni hat($175) and, should an admirer be overcome and commence ripping it off, we’re here for you.nc40Nhzo7-zhbecH7C8azHB__6ujDWPNPdRdci_ZZPM Don’t need the hip dark denim AJ jean ($225)? We’ll find you another pair to pair with the relaxed burn out print Malene Birger pullover in the equally perfect black & grey ($255) while carrying the Caterina Lucchi laser-seared leather doctors bag, ($465)….that is beyond compare.


How many reasons can you come up with not to own this entire look? Zero. That’s what we’re thinking.

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