A little bit classic, a little bit rocker chic — like if Grace Kelly met Rihanna and they started going everywhere together.

crossover star

The graphic intarsia knit wrap coat is by a rocking Italian brand, Fuzzi, and showcases their gal’s ability to seamlessly combine knits with metallic flourishes and luxe, dense velvet for day into eve wearability (coat $1395).

_1400319Pair it with a chunky, extra-long stretch wool turtleneck, available in ivory, navy or grey, by Crossley ($255), knowing that everything they make works with everything else they make. Go ahead, wear a piece you got ten years ago with one you got ten minutes ago, nobody’s looking. (Okay, everybody’s looking.)

ZiK_235Pbq71hXYMyymyB_lOkn19FmXKu7oKGT2ygl0Finish the look with Blugirl’s side-zip, slim fit grey chevron stretch pant ($365), (which will look good at a rave or a symphony), a scrumptious cashmere & modal scarf/shawl from our Italian fav Faliero Sarti ($385), a rose gold freshwater pearl necklace combo from Susanna Galanis (either choice $295) and all you need is a fox hat from Inverni ($385) (all BB exlcusives)….handmade in Italy of course.

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