A little bit classic, a little bit rocker-chic, like if Grace Kelly met Rihanna and they started going everywhere together. The floral butterfly print dress is by a rocking French designer Jean Paul Gaultier, and showcases his ability to seamlessly combine floral with shine for day into eve wearability ($575). Pair it with a Prince of Wales plaid shawl with a jewel-tone floral border that is constructed of cashmere and modal, by Richiami ($335), knowing that everything they make works with everything you have. Go ahead, wear a piece you got ten years ago with one you got ten minutes ago, nobody’s looking. (Okay, everybody’s looking.) Finish the look with a packable straw hat ($75), a great BB find available in multiple colors, and you will look good at a rave or at the symphony.

Crossover star 4:15

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