In legal parlance, as we understand it, a Rainmaker is a person or technique with a unique ability to attract opportunity (which is what we did when we scored Eleventy exclusively for BUTCH BLUM for Fall). rainmakerImagine the opportunity you’ll attract when you step out all gorgeous in this confection of a knitted windowpane sportcoat ($875), complimented by the handwoven scarf  ($225) where they changed the loom 5 times to get the right color combo.  When you wear a scarf of five colors, opportunities abound for a suitable shirt, but we’re going with this checker print cotton sport shirt, ($375) that’s somehow light as air, and warm as toast. BofDNahLrSUA34hm16STL8Wk_las69xzByvlj4DNickAt the risk of straining this metaphor to the breaking point, we swear under oath you won’t find a more unique vest, quilted in cotton & cashmere ($765) and boucle tweed wool stretch pant (held up by Berge leather belt ($185), or a better time to wear them than an early fall evening in the Emerald City (all by Eleventy). 8a95xNRETPvNRtL0mbyTk1SWlrPJx4v4srOtZZBeBdQWe rest our case, (Sorry.) and our feet (after tracking down the rain) ensconced in a scotch grain lug sole boot from Noah Waxman ($545) (watch for him in store on October 17.18).

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