In legal parlance, as we understand it, a Rainmaker is a person or technique with a unique ability to attract opportunity. Imagine the opportunity you’ll attract when you step out all gorgeous in this confection of a jacquarded coat by D’Exterior ($1155), where they changed the loom 5 times to get the right color combo.  When you wear a coat of five colors, opportunities abound for a suitable wrap, but we’re going with this rosey blush-colored Blumarine viscose shell ($575) that’s somehow light as air, and warm as toast. At the risk of straining this metaphor to the breaking point, we swear under oath you won’t find a more beautiful scarf than this crystal embellished cashmere, silk & wool shawl scarf from Blumarine ($575), or a better time to wear it than an early spring evening in the Emerald City.


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