DROMe is a new leathergoods resource out of Italy, from the same parent company as “Factory” and “Santacroce.”  The DROMe team believes leather is a unique living material, and approaches construction with the goal of creating a totally one-of-a-kind look using the latest methods and machines.

One of DROMe’s obsessions is perforation, which they skillfully employ in new, exciting ways. Lace-inspired confections sit alongside netting and perforations reminiscent of a sports jersey – all painstakingly crafted from supple lamb and calfskin.

DROMe’s designs often take inspiration from athletic and racing gear, making each jacket, dress, or skirt an exciting new creation. The product is never dull or traditional, yet is also never over-designed. DROMe is not only a product but also statement of a company’s passion for a living material. 

 Click below to view the S/S 15 runway collection from Drome, and join us in store to view our selections from this distinctive line.

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