We’re hosting a special casuals event at the end of this month, dedicated to your favorite summer clothing! Join us June 22 and 23 as we present a  special travel capsule collection from aPatrick Assaraf, as well as gorgeous scarves from Suzi Roher.

This special package of “travel” clothes from Patrick Assaraf, features his exclusive double-face jersey fabrics in intelligent, elegant (but still casual) silhouettes. Our women’s scarves from Suzi Roher – based in Toronto – are supervised at every step of the production by Suzi Roher herself, and as her artisans use the best fabrics, the most intense pigments, and the most versatile shapes we think you’ll fall deeply in love with their work.

Can you make it? Let us know! Rsvp to, or give us a call – 206-622-5760


Hoodies, blazers, pants and more from Patrick Assaraf


Scarves from Suzi Roher