Overleaf – Unusual horizontal corduroy options at Valentini

This is a magic time of year – not only do we have the best sale deals in town, but we’re starting to get some extremely cool looks in our pre-Fall shipments.  These are some thoughts we put together when we were in the market buying the clothes – now that they’re starting to arrive, stop by and check them out!


If there was one trend that touched every category in the mens market for the Fall Winter 2018 season, it was the comforting density of pile fabrics like corduroy and velvet.  Pants, jackets, even shirts in lightweight versions were offered from both high fashion resources and more conservative gentleman’s apparel.


Dense heavyweight cord from Berwich (coming in a slimmer, single-pleat model)

Corduroy was available in every width and thickness, from tiny baby cord shirting fabrics and stretchy sport trousers to ultra-wide wale fabrics that bordered on chenilles. We especially loved the wide wale cords at Massimo Alba, which have a vintage look thanks to a 100% cotton yarn and plant-based garment dye finishes. Even Hiltl, which have always offered great options in corduroy, surpassed themselves with unusual heathered finishes and striking high-low color contrasts between the wale and the base fabric.

Corduroy and velvet

Massimo Alba velvet jeans

 Velvet and velveteen were slightly less ubiquitous, but still noteworthy.  Favorites included velvet “jeans,” also at Massimo Alba, done in a beautiful olive-brown color that showcased the remarkable 3d character of the cloth, as well as Emporio Armani’s stamped velvet blazer, so subtle the garment had to be turned back and forth to appreciate the full effect. Moleskin, velvet’s more workaday cousin, was also available in heavy and light weights, both with and without stretch fibers woven into the cloth.

Emporio Armani Velvet Corduroy

Emporio Armani stamped velvet blazer

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