For those who weren’t able to come to our August 18 and 19 event, we have a rare second appearance from Luciano Barbera.  Through the end of this week (November 18) we’ll be featuring items for immediate purchase and special order from the Fall 2017 collection. It’s a collection every guy (at any age) can appreciate and enjoy!

We’ll be showing a wide variety of luxe sportswear, tailored clothing, and hybrid items that straddle the line between them.

For more info, or to RSVP, contact or give us a call –  we’d love to hear if you’re planning on joining us!

Luciano Barbera Fall 2017 Trunk show mens sportswear dress clothing casual clothing fall

Check out the gorgeous variety of knitwear, outerwear, tailored clothing, dress and casual pants and more in this incredible collection.

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