Join us April 14 through 16 for an exclusive presentation of our handcrafted collections, featuring Sartoria Partenopea tailored clothing for men, Peserico knitwear and sportswear for women, and Noah Waxman’s hand-finished mens shoes.

The event kicks off April 14 with the arrival of samples from Sartoria Partenopea – a handmade collection based in Naples, Italy that features the finest fabrics from the best mills in the Biella region. Find something for every occasion in their immense wardrobe – guaranteed to be full of unique options you’ve never seen before.


April 15 marks the arrival of the Peserico collection for women. Special-order garments from their Fall 2016 collection, featuring superfine wool, cashmere, silk, and more in sporty or dressy styles. Joining us for the event is special envoy Alexandra, who will assist with your selections through the end of day April 16.


Finally, the afternoon/evening of the 15th we will also have the pleasure of Noah Waxman’s company, presenting his own Fall 2016 collection of hand finished shoes for men. Enjoy sport and dress styles, each available in exciting colors and materials. Mr Waxman will be available to assist through the end of day April 16.

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To RSVP for the event, or for more information please call us or email our promo team – promotions@BUTCHBLUM.com.

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