When you’re purchasing a garment, do you ever really ask “Where did this come from?” “Why does this cost what it costs?” “Is this the only one of its kind, or am I spending good money on something I’m going to see on other people?” As consumers we are often entranced by the allure of a designer garment, with their attendant runway shows, fragrances, glossy ads in fashion magazines, etc. These contribute to a certain glamor, which itself often contributes to our decision to purchase a designer garment – but how much is that designer garment really WORTH? At Butch Blum, it’s always our goal to make sure you’re not only purchasing an incredibly well-made, stylish garment, but also that you’re getting the best value in a garment’s classification. With that aim in mind, we are proud to carry outerwear garments by Herno.

An Italian company founded in the 1940’s, Herno has been an outerwear specialist since its inception, creating innovative impermeable garments entirely in Italy from distinctive materials, while maintaining a fashion-conscious edge. Herno’s standards are well known throughout the fashion industry, which is why they have partnered with name brand designers like Prada, Jil Sander, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and more since the 1990’s. Designers like these are ill-equipped to produce outerwear (most of them started as leather manufacturers) and have contracts with Herno to produce designs for them under license.

It becomes very obvious when you compare prices why it’s smarter to buy garments with a manufacturer’s label, rather than buy the designer-labeled iteration. A Prada Linea Rossa nylon jacket typically costs between $1195 and $1995, depending on fabric, trim, length, etc. A similar style from Herno (using the same quality construction, fabric, fastenings etc) may cost as little as $895-1495. Which do YOU care about – the label inside the garment, or how the garment looks, feels and most importantly – lasts? That extra $300-500 in your wallet left over from purchasing your new favorite coat is a great reminder that you can be stylish AND savvy.


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