How To Style A Sarong In 5 Different Ways

How To Style A Sarong In 5 Different Ways?

Going for a vacay on beaches are refreshing. Taking sunbaths, playing with waves and surfing is one of the coolest things to do on the beaches. However, the best part of going to beaches is wearing colorful bikinis which become quite fun and interesting when styled with a sarong. If you think that the sarong can be styled in one simple way, then you are missing something as there are various ways of tieing a sarong. All of these ways are simple to learn and quite easy to style. Keep reading to learn how to style a sarong in 5 different ways.

Style like a short skirt

Wearing a sarong as a short skirt or in a side knot way is one of the easiest and quickest styles to carry on the beach.

  • Take a sarong and fold it into half in a V shape.
  • Wrap the folded shape sarong around your lower waist, below the belly button.
  • Bring both the loose ends close and tie a gentle knot, your outfit is ready!

Style like a long skirt:

Styling a sarong as a long skirt is much similar to side knot design. Alike the side knot trend, the long skirt styling is one of the most famous ways of wearing a sarong.

  • Place the sarong at the back in a horizontal fashion close to your waist.
  • Take the ends of both the corners, bring them on the front and gently tie up a knot.
  • Either keep the knot positioned at the center or shift it on either side to style it as a side slit long skirt.

Style like a halter neck:

The most stylish and classic way of enlivening your beach look. This style is very comfortable, provides you with coverage and suitable for all body types.

  • Keep the sarong horizontally at your back.
  • Hold the loose ends from each corner/side.
  • Bring both ends in front of the body through under the arms.
  • Gently pull the right end towards the left side and vice-versa.
  • Now, bring these loose corners to your back and tie a knot at the scruff of the neck.
Style A Sarong

Style like a kimono:

Kimonos are one of the stylish beachwear in trends. You can easily add this style to your beach wardrobe by styling it with a sarong. It will hardly take a minute to create a fabulous beach look.

  • Cover your body with a sarong just like a shawl.
  • Hold the corners of both the ends of the sarong in your hands.
  • Tie these loose ends at one side close to your wrist without making the sarong slip from the shoulders. It will provide a look of faux sleeves.
  • Repeat the procedure for the other hand.
  • You will get a better look if your sarong is quite long.

Style like a dressing gown:

Dressing gown along with a bikini provides a carefree and stylish chic look, making it number one choice for the summer season.

  • Place the sarong horizontally at your back.
  • Bring both ends in front through under the arms.
  • Now, tie up the tip of each corner.
  • Hold the knot and take it to the backside from over the head.

Tuck the sarong left on the front into each side and attach a belt on your waist to create a more stylish look.