Butch Blum is proud to present another Seattle exclusive – Parfums de Nicolai fragrances. Founded in 1989 by Patricia de Nicolai and her husband Jean-Louis Michau, Parfums de Nicolai (or Nicolai for short) breaks the traditional chain-of-command of fragrance houses, which create perfumes from a marketing brief and have enormous advertising budgets, with comparatively small budgets for raw ingredients. Nicolai established Patricia de Nicolai as the master of her domain, giving her free reign to design perfumes to her own taste and using her choice of materials. This ensures each of the Nicolai fragrances is a true work of wearable art. Butch Blum has chosen 6 of her outstanding scents, each designed to be worn by men or women, as an introduction to the line. The fragrances come in cleanly designed 100ml bottles, inside handsome gift cases.

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Compo Musc Intense

Musc Intense (clean floral musk) – a light but tenacious fragrance designed to amplify the wearer’s natural chemistry. Seductive, but not obtrusive.  $175

Eau d'été_montage_new HD

L’Eau d’Ete (light citrus) – a clean, bright, “eau fraiche” as delightful on skin as it is on linens, after a bath or shower, or to calm your nerves after a rough day.  $125

Fig-Tea Compo HD New

Fig Tea (fruity green tea) – another light, clean, bright fragrance, with a remarkably natural feeling.  $135 

Incense Oud Compo

Incense Oud (woody/spicy oriental) – warm, woody scent with notes of precious oud, amber, and spices. A great choice for winter wear and incredibly sexy.   $225

N_New-York_Intense__new logo -

New York Intense (spicy amber) – classic masculine notes of red and black pepper over patchouli are smoothed out with ambery musk. The signature fragrance of the line…possibly your next signature fragrance too! $175

Patchouli Intense_Compo HD copy

Patchouli Intense (spicy woody-floral) – discard any previous ideas you had about Patchouli before trying this! This sophisticated composition takes the lowly Patchouli plant and dresses it up with notes of geranium, lavender, and musk. $175


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