This was my favorite blazer of the season for a couple of reasons…first and foremost, it’s an awesome fabric. It’s been a while since we’ve seen striped blazers in the market, and I think they’re super cool…a nice change from a decade of check fabrics and just as easy to incorporate into an outfit. The linen cloth is washed down and very flexible and soft, and I dig the garment-dye they rinsed it in…the color takes a bit unevenly and I like the contrast a lot.

Fit is soft, not shapeless but not super tight either, and I get a kick out of the wider lapel and slightly longer line. It’s time for options, and not a steady diet of shiny tight and short!

Did I get you curious?  This guy is still available in size 50 – which is a fairly generous US size 40R with a little bit of extra sleeve length for guys with long arms.  Save 40% – was 895, now $535!

Kent Rogers
Menswear buyer

Kent pick Massimo Alba

Massimo Alba stripe linen blazer – was $895, now $535. (Pants by Berwich, shirt by Caliban, shoes by Santoni, Kent’s own).

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