Mixed patterns in an outfit can look so fun, but what’s the right proportion? What looks good when you mix and match? We like to have a S/M/L or 1/2/3 approach to patterns, where your outfit relies on three prominent pieces in three different scale patterns. It’s not super important which item is which size pattern, but generally speaking it looks very cool to wear one item in a solid, one item in a small pattern, and one item in a bigger pattern. It’s especially cool if the bigger pattern inspires the other two…like this shirt from Seventy! We pulled the red and the navy out of the pattern and chose a pant and a jacket that coordinate! Extra points if you do the same with your accessories.

mixed patterns seventy outfit

Blazer by Seventy – $425…Silk scarf by Richiami – $499…Pant by Berwich – $295….Suede bag by Graf and Lantz – $298

mixed patterns seventy spring 2018

Seventy mixed-media floral top – $225

mixed patterns

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