Known globally as a destination for luxury fashion items, the Via Della Spiga in Milan is the new home for Luigi Bianchi Mantova 1911 (known to us as LBM 1911). The flagship store project is designed to increase recognition of LBM 1911 as a brand, and features the full scope of their products – blazers, pants, suits, knitwear, shirts, even custom shoes available exclusively at the boutique.

“This boutique marks a fundamental time in our company’s history, and further reinforces the identity of L.B.M.1911, a brand nowadays synonymous of internationally renowned excellence. We have decided to take this step to give our existing customers a sign of our strength, but also to effectively approach certain markets with very high potential (such as, for example, India and South America), which require a strong retail strategy.” – Giovanni Bianchi, managing director and creative director.

LBM 1911 plans to expand further into developing areas, including India, South America, and more, but will continue to position the company in North America as a boutique line.

l.b.m_0067 l.b.m_0058 l.b.m_0037 l.b.m_2015_0160(Photos courtesy of Robb Report)


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