“I’ve always been a creative director, even before I started my own namesake brand, and I’ve always struggled to distinguish between my work and my life: I’ve had the incredible luck of having a job that blurred the line between work and life, for me, every single day. Meeting new people – and very often it’s happenstance – is the basis of what I do. Trying to imagine new things, to create something beautiful – that’s my job description, but it’s also the reflection of my life.”  – Massimo Alba

We know a lot of people like Massimo – when work and life bleed together, what do you wear?  What to do, when comfort is a prerequisite but also a stylish presentation?  If you’re like us, you reach for Massimo Alba clothing – like this stripe blazer. It’s an incredible presentation – soft, natural fabrics in stylish, easy silhouettes…nothing too trendy, but nothing old-fashioned or dumb, either.  Your clients and your family will be impressed.

Massimo Alba linen stripe blazer

Massimo Alba striped linen blazer – $895…Massimo Alba cashmere t-shirt – $725. Pants by Nicwave, $295

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