While you’re in the store checking out the Fall 2018 trunk show (you ARE coming, right? You simply MUST!) please try out a couple of the New Spring Arrivals! Their fabrics are unearthly light – so delicate it’s almost like you’re wearing nothing at all. The patterns this season are tremendous fun; abstract takes on newsprint-style photos, chopped up and re-edited into exciting new works of art. As always, these images are hand printed on the garments – this season with hand painted details as well.

New Spring Arrivals Cividini

“Dylan” four pocket gabardine duster coat – $1715

New Spring Arrivals Cividini

Dominic long sleeve abstract tunic – $795…Don side zip cotton pant – $585

Dominique sheer hand-painted floral cardigan – $685…cotton embellished dress – $825

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