Overleaf – “WASHINGTON” by Noah Waxman – $495 recently profiled rising shoe designer (and new BB favorite) Noah Waxman as one of their “ones to watch” –  

New York-based men’s footwear designer Noah Waxman recalls being fixated on shoes as a child, avidly sketching them and admiring his grandfather’s collection. Years later, Waxman graduated from a pre-med psychology program and relocated to the Netherlands. While walking along an Amsterdam canal he happened upon a shoe shop. The owner introduced him to the highly skilled artisans, who then taught Waxman the craft of shoemaking. He spent the next few years in Utrecht learning how to handcraft elegant, comfortable and durable shoes.

Waxman’s designs come from a unique, contemporary perspective: frequently showing novel materials, striking color combinations and unconventional textures, but always rooted in tradition. “I want my shoes to feel fresh and new, but also to have a soul and history behind them,” he explains. ”I think really good design reflects a certain heritage, but also feels original.”

One of Waxman’s best booked styles was a dark brown, calfskin and suede shoe with a stylized brogue pattern. Focused on producing top-quality footwear, Waxman’s shoes are made in the U.S. and Italy; retail prices range from $460 to $595.

Although his company is only three years old, Waxman has been recognized by The Wall Street Journal as a “cobbler to watch.” Waxman’s future plans include bringing patterns to leather, utilizing new textures and materials, and adding accessories. ”I’m really into functional things—belts, bags or dopp kits—it has to serve a purpose in my customers’ lives,” Waxman affirms.

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