Overleaf – Sneakers from Noah Waxman

Today is the second day of our European Sportswear Trunk show event, featuring clothing by Maurizio Baldassari, Inis Meain, Doriani, and Sealup, as well as footwear by Noah Waxman!  We’ll be presenting these looks until 6pm today, and then they get packed up and moved out to their next stop.  Hurry in and check it out!

D'Avenza Inis Meain Maurizio Baldassari

Knitwear from Inis Meain and Maurizio Baldassari, outerwear by D’Avenza

Noah Waxman shoes boots made in Europe

Footwear by Noah Waxman

Sealup D'avenza outerwear luxury

Outerwear from Sealup and D’Avenza

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