Butch Blum is proud to feature a selection of perfumes from legendary Parisian firm Nicolai Parfumeur Createur (for more info, click here) and we were excited to offer our clients the opportunity to special order their rarest and most exceptional scents, Oud Sublime and Patchouli Sublime.

The Sublime duo are designated “Elixir de Parfum” concentration – a special hybrid of EDP sillage and projection and the longevity of pure “extrait” concentrations handmade from extraordinary materials in the Nicolai tradition. Each 50ml bottle is housed in its own lacquered wooden case, protected by a gorgeous scarlet velvet cushion.

Oud Sublime is a woody, eastern-influenced oriental featuring notes of Cambodian oud (a variety prized for it’s liqueur-like profile), davana, rose, artemisia and patchouli.

Patchouli Sublime is a handsome, woody-creamy scent featuring a herbal lavender and geranium opening, blended with rose and jasmine for smoothness. The fragrance dries down to its namesake woody ingredient, with an elegant vanilla twist. 

For inquiries, please email us at – we are happy to share limited samples with interested clients.

Oud sublime elixir de parfum cambodian oud davana artemisia

Oud Sublime and Patchouli Sublime by Parfums De Nicolai…$425 each – for special order


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