What is so special about a Tesla?

Tesla is the leading electric car in the industry. It is a clean and eco-friendly car. An electric car uses an electric battery and not a fuel-powered battery. Tesla is a sleek, fast, and quiet car that is sought after by many. It comes with many cool features. Some of them are:

  1. Streaming services- The car is connected to the internet and offers everything that the web has to offer. Tesla includes audio streaming services like Slacker and TuneIn. You can listen to your radio stations across the country. It also offers podcasts that you can listen to while driving. The built-in web browser allows you to search for anything you want. But you cannot see any videos for obvious safety reasons.
  • Autopilot– This is one of the most advanced features a car can offer. This system can control the brakes, throttle, and steering. It can even change lanes! The computers in the car map out the road to determine where the car should go and the ultrasonic sensors detect other vehicles on the road. This system is the most competent driver’s assistance system in the market.
  • Superchargers– New smartphones in the market come with fast chargers, which charge your phone completely in less than an hour. Just like that, superchargers are a network of fast chargers by Tesla that allows the users to recharge the battery enough to last for hundreds of miles. And it just takes an hour! It is the best way for an electric vehicle to complete a road trip.
  • Parking sensors– Parking sensors have been around for many years but there are no parking sensors as advanced as the ones in Tesla. In any other car, the parking sensors go off even if the object is far away. They are not accurate and the noise from the blaring sensors can get annoying real fast. The Tesla sensors not only show you the object detected by red and yellow lines. But they also tell you how far the object is in terms of inches!
  • Tesla app– The Tesla key can be used to open the front trunk, lock the car, unlock the car, or open the trunk. By a series of taps, you can summon the car and it will pull itself out of a parking spot. All of this can be done without the key through the Tesla app. You can use the app to summon the car, to honk, to flash lights, to lock and unlock the car. You can also the charge level of the car on the app.
  • Visual display– Tesla is famous for its built-in screen. The newer software updates let you watch Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu on the screen. You can watch your favorite shows and videos, alongside listening to music and gaming. With the best Tesla USB controller, you can play the various games offered by Tesla, like beach buggy racing 2, CupHead, and many more! You can’t watch any videos while driving for safety reasons.