Posted by Kent Rogers on Apr 19th 2019

Cividini is an Italian luxury design firm whose core identity has evolved slowly from a small knitwear concern to a lifestyle brand that includes accessories, tailored clothing, and more. As a brand, there has always been a strong emphasis on the artistic elements of fashion. Their designs are executed in exquisite one-of-a-kind materials; garments can be hand-painted or dyed by hand and are often made of fabrics designed specifically for the collection, produced in very small quantities. Knitwear is sometimes handmade on antique looms.


Piero Cividini and his daughter Anita examine a handmade sweater.

The original designers behind the brand, Piero and Miriam Cividini, trained as architects. This may seem an unusual choice for fashion designers, but their education is always apparent in their design work. Garments from Cividini often use the body as a framework and stand out in interesting and unusual ways. The combination of unusual fabrications and silhouettes gives the line its unique identity - imitated, but never matched. Recently the majority of design responsibility has been passed down to Piero and Miriam's daughter Anita Cividini, who keeps the Cividini tradition of artisan production combined with modern silhouettes.


A Cividini artisan feeds cashmere yarn into a loom