Posted by Kent Rogers on Mar 24th 2018

The Fuzzi brand was founded in 1954, during a time when Italian fashion designers were first gaining public recognition worldwide. The Italians were then (and still are) known for producing the best, most fashionable sportswear for men and women. The hundred-year-old Italian fabric trade created a unique understanding of fabrics, and a rising group of young talents such as Emilio Pucci, Cassini, Gucci, and Simonetta capitalized on their families' goods to create innovative new products.

Out of this rarified group came Fuzzi, who immediately distinguished themselves in the realms of knitwear and print. Soon the Fuzzi family would develop their signature Polyamide tulle - a unique, semi-transparent fabric with a dry hand-feel that prints with tremendous permanence...literally no fading wash after wash. The line became popular enough to diversify the company - within 15 years the company would become Fuzzi S.p.A, producing licensed designs for such luminaries as Jean-Paul Gaultier, Joop!, Romeo Gigli, Hugo Boss and more, as well as their own in-house brands and Fiume and Nanibon for men.

Today Fuzzi is still best known for their incredible Polyamide tulle (produced in every iteration for men and women from button-front shirts and tees to cardigans, dresses and leggings) but has expanded their collection to feature innovative new yarns, constantly exploring the possibilities of knitwear.

Below are three styles from our Spring 2018 buy. Check out the latest in store!