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"Butch Blum is part of Seattle's history. Fabulous clothing and outstanding service."  - Kathleen S.

"I Love Butch Blum! This is the best store in Seattle! You will find the most beautiful clothing and accessories here and excellent customer service!"  - Stacey W.

"Picked up my cute new skirt and leggings from Cameron Levins Blanca collection! So excited to wear it!! It fits like a dream! Beautiful clothing and lovely customer service!!"  - Sara W.

"AMAZING customer service. I have no words to describe how well they treat their customers! I was walked around the store and introduced to all of the great quality pieces that they carry. Giorgio Armani, Boss-- all of the best stuff in one store! Their prices were way more affordable than I thought, with a great selection to choose from. I'll definitely be back here to buy all of my gifts! Thank you, Butch Blum!"  - Natty S.

"They have a great point of view. Impeccable taste that matches my lifestyle. They make you feel comfortable and not intimidating. A fun place to shop and hang out."  - Marc W.

"It does not matter if you are just window shopping or outfitting an entire wardrobe, they treat you like a million bucks. I bought a tie and got a hand written thank-you letter in the mail from the sales women. A page-long letter for a tie! I will never shop anywhere else. They are the best."  - JDG

"Seattle's best high end boutique. I recently just stumbled upon this shop when I was lunching downtown with my husband on 5th Ave. As soon as we walked in the store we were immediately greeted by a friendly sales staff. Royal helped my hubby find the most gorgeous Armani jacket. So nice to have someone dress my man with style! He looks like Bono in that jacket, thanks to Royal:) Mihyon showed me a great selection of margiela dresses. This store is beautiful, and their staff seems to really care about helping you find the best clothing to compliment your look. Loved it."  - Natalie D.

"Fabulous quality clothing -- and incredible service that makes sure you leave looking your best!"  - Jeri D.

"Personal service and style of fine quality clothing."  - Jim K.

"Perfect Shopping Experience. I stopped in to Butch Blum one afternoon after lunching with a friend, not expecting to purchase anything. From the moment I first stepped into the store, I was completely blown away by their classic but trendy aesthetic. Butch Blum is one of the few retailers in Seattle which carries Cividini and Delman, my favorite shoe brand! A friendly, energetic saleswoman suggested a lovely skirt that would coordinate perfectly with the boots I had picked out, and it fit me perfectly!! Needless to say, I purchased both the shoes and the skirt. I left a very happy customer, and will definitely be returning!"  - Genevieve M.

"Excellent collection of clothing and a very knowledgeable staff that helps to make purchasing decision care free and fun!"  - Jessica N.

"Butch and his team are true Merchants and can assist anyone that takes their appearance seriously...!! A class act that cannot be beat!!"  - Bill A.

"Amazing people at BUTCH BLUM! Feel like I'm being welcomed into a home when I walk in."  - Zach S.

"Best men's retailer in Seattle! As any self-respecting local style hound will tell you, when it comes to unique & high-quality men's apparel, Seattle can be a very disappointing place to shop. This is not to say that Nordstrom, Brooks Brothers and similar mass-market retailers don't offer a wide selection of well-regarded brands. It's probably just a reflection of our laid-back local culture - where khakis, loafers and a button-down shirt can take you from the office to dinner to a night on the town without a second look. But if you're accustomed to the choices offered on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, or Union Square in San Francisco, you're likely to be disappointed by pretty much everything the mainstream retailers have to offer. So, if you take pleasure in fine materials, thoughtful styling and careful craftsmanship - in anything from t-shirts to suits - there's a short list of local retailers you need to know about, and Butch Blum should be at the top of that list. Instead of buying every item from every major brand, the buyers at Butch Blum act like style curators, hand-picking the best assortment of items from a select group of ateliers. They also back up their selection with amazing service - from honest advice on the sales floor to excellent tailoring and personalized follow-ups when hard-to-find items come in. I don't shop often, but when I do I typically have a specific item in mind, and more often than not Butch Blum is the only place in town that has it. I learned this lesson the hard way when I bought my last suit. I needed a dark suit for an evening event, but I wanted a 3-button jacket (rather than the usual American-style 2-button), with no center vent, in a charcoal wool that would travel well and be wearable across several seasons. I visited every major men's retailer in town, and none of them - except Butch Blum - even knew what I was talking about, much less had the right item available. Not only did Butch Blum know what I wanted, they had it in stock - a remarkable feat for a store that carries a fraction of the inventory of any of the major retailers. Not only that - their on-site tailoring service made the final adjustments in time for me to fly out later that week. Don't take my word for it - just walk in and see for yourself (and get your name on the mailing list - they have regular sales that can bring their sometimes-lofty prices into a more reasonable range)"  - Chris D.

"Butch Blum has a wonderful staff and their accessories are gorgeous!"  - Barbara B.

"Perfect styling for any occasion. Always classy."  - William B.

"The bespoke feel of the shopping experience at Butch Blum is unmeasurable to any competition in the neighborhood. The warm atmosphere, knowledgeable staff and the best team of tailors this side of the continent make Butch Blum a shopping experience worth writing about."  - Jacquelyn W.

"It's a great boutique, the quality of the merchandise is in a class by itself!"  - Rasheeda W.

"Love Butch, love Kent! I'm always able to find the best men's shirts for my husband who has incredibly picky taste. Gorgeous women's lines as well. I normally hate anything resembling sporty outer wear. But reality check: I live in Seattle and need something that's both water resistant while still being functional and stylish. Kent helped me narrow down just the right piece that is from a manufacturer that does a lot of the designs for other high end lines (read: Vuitton) but sells their brand under a different name. So, my early Valentine's Day gift to myself is a black light weight perfectly fitting down jacket that could be dressed up or down. And I picked up a fantastic silk shirt for my husband. Thx Kent for your help and your incredible eye. Love you guys!!"  - Lisa H.

"Butch Blum is the best. I get so many compliments from the outfits that Mihyon picks out for me. I love that she knows which designers for me are best and knows my style. Butch Blum makes shopping very enjoyable."  - Jennifer L.

"Fabulous sense of men's style - perfect taste matched with great customer service!"  - Allyson C.

"Incredible customer service and care; exquisite offerings, not found in every store; they have mastered the modern classic man lifestyle and they are a philanthropic company."  - Blanche N.

"Let the staff at Butch guide you toward the brands and styles which work best for you."  - Gary F.

"Shopped their 80% off sale and was treated just as well as if I was spending the $2800 on that Italian cashmere and chinchilla wrap that I so desperately wanted ... to wad 80% off but still... staff is beyond helpful."  - Valerie D.

"I can't say enough about this place -it's great. I came in (in a pinch) for my wedding - after hearing that what I wanted to do "wasn't possible" anywhere else. Never one to take no for answer, I was directed to Butch Blum and met Kent (the miracle worker). Quite simply: He made my vision a reality. I had custom trousers and waist-coast made, alterations on a shirt and it was all under budget and seamless. I would go back here again any time - hopefully next time with more time to play with!"  - Christen D.

"This boutique has the best selection of men's suits. I recently shopped here with my husband to find him a few new suits for work and was blown away by their selection."  - Natalie L.

"High quality merchandise, refined style, very friendly owner and team."  - Anna C.

"They have a tailor on staff and can make quick changes to the clothing so it looks perfect on you."  - Lesa S.

"Best shopping experience. I stopped in at Butch Blum for the first time in a while. I was pleasantly surprised at the wide selection of designer clothes in a lot of different sizes. I picked up a couple of pieces from Cividini, Cheap and Chic and Alberta Ferreti. The service was excellent as well!"  - McKenzie D.

"I'd walked past this store many times, I've had friends have internships there in the past, but I'd never went in. That changed yesterday and I'm sure glad I did. I walked in and was instantly taken with beautifully curated men's collection assembled here. It's expensive alright, but the pieces you find here aren't what you'll be finding at Nordstrom or any other store. Many of the brands they carry you don't see that often in other stores, which I like. Oh, and they're having a great sale right now too. Even if you're just window shopping the staff are very friendly, they want you to buy something, but more importantly they want you to feel welcome. My experience here was nothing short of amazing."  - Max D.

"This store is fantastic!!! The sales staff is open and friendly and by your side every step of the way! They have a fabulous selection of apparel and a very sleek look that is both work appropriate and casual! Love, love, love this store!"  - Elyse D.

"The customer service is the best in the city!"  - Jason B.

"They have the best buyers of high-end clothes in Seattle and their service is superior."  - David B.

"The attentive staff at this decidedly upscale retailer for men and women gives expert guidance on creations by Giorgio Armani, Ermenegildo Zegna, Bluemarine, and Luciano Barbera—just to drop a few names. This is a fabulous spot for pricey but gorgeous men's suits—with a tailor on-site, too."  - Fodor

"Very knowledgeable staff. Great people. Wonderful selection."  - Ron E.

"Butch Blum has elegance and versatility for any need. The staff is friendly and brilliant in their expertise of what will work for you."  - Shannon H.

"Beautifully curated selection and wonderful, knowledgeable, talented staff who are truly passionate about what they do. Butch Blum represents everything that a shopping experience should be. Shop local!"  - Jeannie O.

"Great selection of Mens Suits. Butch Blum has a reputation of having great men's wear, and I wasn't disappointed. The moment I walked in, I was greeted by really friendly (and well dressed!) sales associates who pointed me in the right direction. The quality of the clothing was undeniable. Definitely the best luxury menswear store in Seattle. Not only that, but the sales associates helped me choose from the wide selection. They weren't too pushy, and made sure that I was happy with my choices. I'm definitely going to be back for all of my suit needs. Thanks, Butch Blum!"  - Anonymous

"This store has always seemed way out of my price range but I stopped in and was surprised to see they are now carrying more affordable pieces along with their high-priced designer clothing."  - Joscefine D.

"This is THE best place to find the best European clothing. They have all my favorite brands like Blumarine and Armani Jeans. And they have a lot of affordable options as well. The staff are also really great, I always ask for Mihyon because she is always extremely helpful in styling outfits and always very cheerful. This is officially my new favorite place to shop!"  - Nora F.

"The most discerning taste level on the west coast!"  - Kay S.

"Staff, service, selection - the best!"  - Paul Z.

"Excellent Deals to be found! I am a recent college graduate who just moved to Seattle. I was downtown looking for gifts when I stumbled upon Butch Blum. I went inside and was greeted by friendly sales associates. I knew I was on a budget and told them so. They found me some adorable designer tops for under $100 and a gorgeous evening handbag as a gift for my mom. Not only is the clothing quality material but the range of designer wear they have in the store is unbelievable for a boutique. They also have great menswear for all price points. And shoes too! I will definitely be returning."  - Anonymous

"If you’re looking for a suit in the Seattle area, Butch Blum is your store. They have great suits and excellent tailoring."  - Ian C.

"Individually tailored customer service, no pun intended! They have a great team to assist you in any way possible, from consultation to tailoring, ensuring a satisfied and smartly dressed client!"  - Paul Z.

"Great product, great staff!!!! I love this store!!"  - Geoff N.

"A place not to miss when in Seattle!"  - Armando Y.

"Excellent service, custom selection, tailoring, and follow up."  - Monty G.

"Great staff. Mihyon will help you look your will the rest of the staff!"  - JD

"Excellent, I mean excellent, service and fashion expertise. Royal is the best menswear advisor in Seattle."  - Andy B.

"Butch Blum is the leader in this town for fine men's clothing. Thank you Butch for bringing high design in fashion to Seattle!! You were the first!!"  - Jim C.

"The people, and the taste level of Butch and his team!! It seriously doesn't get any better."  - Bill K.

"In a word, the staff - professional, thoughtful, informed and ready to help. Always a pleasure!"  - Peter F.

"Great clothes and great people to help you pick the outfit that is best for you!"  - Jerry K.

"What's not great about Butch Blum, the King of Mens Fashion."  - Michael M.

"I love this store! The staff is so warm, professional, and very helpful! The apparel and women's jewelry is amazing! There are beautiful selections in both men's and women's fashion apparel!"  - Stacey W.

"Fabulous personal service and beautiful clothing."  - Marianne F.

"Great staff to match clothes."  - Theodore

"The best men's clothing and most knowledgeable, gracious service in Seattle."  - Jenny O.

"What an amazing staff and beautiful clothing:) It is a must shop in Seattle!!!"  - Angela R.

"Finally got quality underwear. I had thought it was a thing of the past."  - Donald L.

"Best of the Best!"  - Richard R.

"You always look better leaving Butch Blums. They are incredible."  - Jerry D.

"Fabulous in-store experience!"  - Mark B.

"Wonderful store for fashionable women's and men's clothes. A great local business with a European flair."  - Rosanna B.

"Great selections. Fantastic energy and wonderful people."  - Faith C.

"Amazing product, amazing service, in a new amazing location! What's not to love?!"  - Olivia L.

"Great selection and great service. Krista is the best!!!"  - Randall T.

"Great quality and service...never shop at Nordstrom again."  - Jeff J.

"High quality merchandise and great customer service."  - Judy M.

"Great clothes and customer service."  - Case B.

"Love this place!"  - Greg V.

"Want your man to look his best. ...this is the place to go!"  - Barbara H.

"Great taste, great style!"  - Susan L.

"Best store!"  - Angelique N.

"Great taste, great quality!"  - Elenora P.

"Beautiful merchandise!"  - Phyllis H.

"Always the leader!"  - Carri M.

"Seattle's finest store!"  - Tony P.

"They truly rock!!!"  - Samuel B.