Personal Shopping



In this new digital era, we’re used to having everything brought to us at a time that’s convenient to us.  Why should shopping be any different?  Butch Blum offers personal shopping services by appointment, to give you that extra special BB experience at your own convenience! Reach out to your personal shopper for any occasion, and we will bring you a variety of options to satisfy your needs at your home, office, or wherever you find yourself needing some fashion assistance.

Out of town? No problem!  Established clients can give us a call and let us know what they need, and we’ll ship a box of items in appropriate sizes on approval, and charge for whatever is kept. The rest is simply sent back to us.

We’re also extremely proud of our closet clean services; make an appointment with a BB specialist, and we’ll come to your home and examine your collection of clothes, make suggestions about items that could use some alterations, items that will coordinate with your existing favorites, or give you advice about styles that might be a little past their prime.